Monday, July 18, 2011

[ IKEA shopping in Dubai and a funny story ]

WE DECIDED to make a quick stop at IKEA on the weekend to pick up some odds and ends and as usual, it was a zoo! It is part of a mall in Dubai so that just adds to the craziness of it on a weekend.

So to lessen the time spent there, my guy decided to go get his haircut in the mall while I roamed around with my list, filling my cart with what I needed, thinking that by the time I'm done, he'll be done and we could skedaddle.

To speed up the process and avoid the herd of people meandering through the showroom section, I decided to take my cart and be one of those annoying people that goes through the store backwards against the direction of the arrows on the floor (I know, I hate those people too but everything I needed was in the marketplace area towards the back end of the store and besides, I certainly wasn't the only one!)

I kept my eye on my phone, waiting for the text from my guy telling me he was done and ready to meet up. After over 45 minutes, I was done with my list and wondered what could possibly be keeping him (his haircuts usually take about 15 minutes max).

So I texted him and waited. Finally the response I got back was "15 min - I'm getting a facial". WHAT? ok, seriously! I thought we were making this a quick stop and you decide to get your first-ever facial while I'm waiting for you at IKEA? By now I was rolling my eyes, itching to get out of the crowded store.

I parked my cart and waited near the checkouts until he finally texted me that he was on his way. When he finally got there, I asked him 'what the heck?' He said that he ACCIDENTALLY got a facial after his haircut!

Oh come on! How do you accidentally get a facial? Well, apparently after his haircut, the barber who spoke little English, was looking at my guy's face and gesturing and nodding. And while my guy thought he was indicating that he'll brush off the bits of hair, the next thing you know, he was lying on his back getting his face steamed and masked and scrubbed and moisturized! An hour and $100 later, he was done.

So that's how he accidentally got a facial. A classic case of lost in translation! What can you do but laugh. (his skin looked great btw!)



Leanne said...

cute story...i love that he just lay there and let it all happen. imagine the conversation going on in that brain of his!
i am way overdue for an ikea run! but i hate the trip down there...and it's not like i need anything.

Blue Fruit said...

I laughed out loud when I got to the punch line. What a cracker!

But the question is, did he enjoy it?

Pinecone said...

Too of those moments when you don't know how to get out of something - or how you got yourself into it!

Robynne's Nest said...

Well that's the story HE gave you anyway...?? Robx

Meeling said...

Lol...that's a good one! Well at least his skin looked great! :-)

Yay for ikea...even if it was busy...there's just something about that store that is familiar and they always have great little things. I know I'd be happy to have one close to me after moving so far away!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is so funny! So is he hooked now? Just wait until next month when he "accidently" gets another facial! lol. Now I must know....what's in the box and bags from Ikea????

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

Too funny! I'm sure he loved every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm sure accidental facials happen to everybody.

Jo @ In Corners of My Mind said...

I too laughed out funny, and sweet.

Pinecone Camp said...

That's a fantastic story! At least there was no waxing involved. ;)

Hong Kong Badger said...

Haha - awesome, probably the best kind of accident to have! ;-)


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Ikea in Dubai?! Crazy and too funny. Now you need to find a way to "accidentally" get a facial! Janell

lei said...

Haha! Classic :)

I "accidentally" got a pineapple hairdo on my head, when all I asked for was a "natural, but not too fussy up-do" at the hair salon.....

Never again =/


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