Friday, June 29, 2012

[ happy weekend! ]

THANKS for the pep talk everyone! I guess the thought of searching for a new place, packing everything up and trying to interact with movers and utility people that don't speak English isn't something I'm looking forward to next June {if what we dealt with when moving in was any indication!}. 

But no point dwelling on that right now ~ we may find something quite awesome for the year or so we'll be in it. And on an optimistic note, maybe our next place won't have a woman upstairs who clip clops in heels at 4am or drags her chairs across the floor! There's always hope!

Have a great weekend everyone and to my fellow Canucks, Happy Canada Day long weekend!



Formerly known as Frau said...

Okay when you put it that way I totally get your anxiety not everyone gets a foreign move even if its in the same building. We all take for granted that it's like in the states or a company rep handles it all. In Germany we had to have a relocation company handle everything and fortunately my hubby work paid for pro packers etc.. so it took the stress out of everything. I hope you find something in the same building and it will at least make the moving part easier. Happy Canada Day and have a wonderful weekend!

Meeling said...

:-) Have a great weekend Lisa!!

Vintage Home said...

We are gearing up for Canada Day ! And I hope this finds you having some time to relax....we are waiting for sun!
p.s. I still dream about your Capiz Chandelier!

Loddelina said...

I just read your two last posts, so sorry you have to move unexpectedly, I can understand the stress involved - we moved from France to Germany and back to France and each time it was race against time, we either got crappy movers who broke half our dishes or we did it ourselves and got the wrong (smaller) truck than we originally rented so we had to leave one third of furniture behind...

But after all this stress we have now finally settled in one place and bought our own house that we are moving in this weekend... So keeping my fingers crossed for your new place, new opportunities and new (positive!) adventures!
I look forward to reading your next post, love from France!


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