Saturday, December 15, 2012

[ feelin' your love ]

JUST checking in with a little update ~ I'm home from the hospital now and I can't thank you enough for all of your hugs, good vibes and prayers wishing me well. You really are the best and your sweet words have done wonders for me this week.

It will take some time to recover but it sure is nice to be home. Huge hugs to you all! And now... time for a nap ...zzzzzz...



DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Lisa! I am pleased to hear that you are UP and OUT of the hospital!

Blogland is the best place for prayers and good will! It's a heeling support machine!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I'm glad you're home! Tuck in with some magazines and get lots of rest and let your guy take good care of you. :)

Karen Albert said...

Lisa I am so glad you are home for the Holidays! Take good care.

2012 Artists Series

Leanne said...

Remember what I told you! xoxo

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I was thinking about you this morning. So good to hear from you!

Have a quick recovery in your gorgeous home (with your beach photo and penguin painting that I'll never forget).

Hoping you had great care abroad :) Being away from home can be scary. XOL

Meeling said...

Glad to hear you are home!! Rest up and wishing you a speedy recovery! xo

All things nice... said...


I wasn't on my blog much this week, so sorry to hear you were in hospital and not well, wishing lots of good blessings and hope your feeling better soon.

All things nice...

flowers on my table said...

Hello Lisa,
so sorry to hear that you were in hospital. I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope that man of yours is looking after you? Much love, Linda x

Pinecone Camp said...

Sending my happy thoughts to you from Australia, Lisa! Take care of yourself, though I have no doubt your hubby is taking good care of you ;) xo

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sending happy healing thoughts your way! Be a good patient and listen to the Dr. and your Man!

Pinecone said...

Hi Lisa,

I haven't been blogging or reading my favorite blogs lately (working too many hours and getting ready for company.) So, I had no idea tht you were in the hospital?! I am glad to hear that you went home and am sending you good thoughts for a speedy recovery!!

Hugs my friend! xoxo Ashlyn

Privet and Holly said...

Be gentle with
yourself, sweet
friend! Glad all
went well and so
sorry that I wasn't
able to send you
good care!

xo Suzanne

Marianne said...

So happy to hear you are home recovering now! Sending good thoughts your way!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Glad you are home! Hope all went well! Merry Christmas Lisa. Hugs from up north.

Stacey said...

Hi Lisa!
I don't get to visit you enough! Sorry I missed that you were in the hospital:-(. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled that you're home and recovering. Hugs to you sweet lady and I hope you will have a very Merry Christmas! XX


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