Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[ boxes boxes everywhere! ]

IT'S moving day! And we're drowning in cardboard!

With 3 separate truck deliveries, checking off box numbers and directing boxes to the correct rooms has me wiped out, especially when some items won't be ending up in the same rooms they came from. It's tiring trying to decipher what the Dubai movers wrote on the boxes ~ lamp covers are lampshades, office side tables are filing cabinets, soft table is an ottoman... Luckily everything is in and tomorrow is reassembly/unpacking day ~ hopefully I can find a spot for everything! But when in doubt ~ into the basement it goes!



Leanne said...

Had I known that there was going to be fresh Tim's donuts I would have come to help! Welcome to your new home...take your time, there's no rush! xoxo

Happy Homemaker UK said...

So exciting! We have our nose pressed to the window looking for our container to arrive :) The English movers listed our sawhorse as a 'barrier' - that made me smile. Good luck on getting settled. I'm right there with ya, sista!

flowers on my table said...

I have no doubt you will have it all ship shape and Bristol fashion before very long Lisa, hang in there! Love Linda x

Formerly known as Frau said...

Fun day and's going to feel like Christmas seeing all your storage items that have been tucked away for so many years! Get yourself a double double of coffee and dig in!

Barbara Matson said...

Good luck! My house is full of boxes too. The unpacking is going slowly as we are trying to figure out where furniture should go and getting ridding of stuff. This was our first non-corporate move in 15 years so we packed and moved every darn item, making us realize we have TOO MANY things! Feels good to lighten the load!

Privet and Holly said...

Lisa, good luck
with this "settling"
time. Your house
is a stunner and I
know you'll fill it
with so many special

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne


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