Wednesday, September 17, 2014

[ seat with a view ]

PERHAPS it's because I'm a Pisces, but I'm always drawn to water. There's just something so relaxing about gazing out over sparkling water. My dream is to have a home with a water view someday but for now, I'm lucky to live a block away from Lake Ontario where I can enjoy this...

I love going out for a walk and making a stop at this little park. We're having some amazing late summer weather this week and all the more reason to linger a while on my favourite bench...

I love the dedication plaque on the bench. I think someday I'd like to donate a bench to the park so more people can pause a while and soak in that pretty view. Do you have a favourite spot you like to go to enjoy a view?



Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is one pretty view!

Michelle Hagger said...

I am pisces too!, and love about 3 miles from the sea in the South Coast of england, and love being by the sea, I have just started blogging and really enjoyed your blog and the pictures!

Leanne said...

I head to the river whenever I can...I'm an aries, but figuring out that I am way more of a water sign! xoxo

Formerly known as Frau said...

Gorgeous view and so lucky to be so need a dog to enjoy on those walks! Have a great week!

Vintage Home said...

wow fabulous walk so close to home!

Love how you have transformed your new home, and can't wait to see fireplace!

Privet and Holly said...

Lisa, I've got the
same dream about
living on the water--
it soothes my soul!

I've so enjoyed living
vicariously through
you on your new home
journey. Everything is
so pretty--so you--and
seems to be coming
along beautifully! I
hope you continue to
have fun on this new
journey : )

xo Suzanne


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