Friday, July 30, 2010

[ a catalogue comes to life ]

RESTORATION Hardware is total decor eye-candy and even though I've shopped at their small locations in Toronto, walking into their Broadway location in NY is like stepping into the pages of their catalogue. Every corner is a gorgeous vignette and everything seems to be so huge in scale. Even though I usually prefer light, bright spaces, their grey walls were the perfect backdrop to the greyed wood pieces and linen upholstery. If I win the lottery, I know where I'll be shopping!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

[ a wonderland of wares ]

HAVE YOU ever opened the door to a store and uttered WOW before even setting foot into the shop? That was my reaction at Fishs Eddy on Broadway in NY. If you love dishes, kitchen stuff, quirky things.... then this shop is where you need to be! Filled to the rafters with restaurant ware, vintage dishes, glassware, cookbooks and lots of fun items, it's an absolute treasure trove of goodies.

I thought the Brooklynese collection was funny - poking fun at the world's most imitated accent! 

After going around and around, I was kind of drawn to the quirky glove molds and decided to give one a new home. Not sure if I'll display it on its own or use it to hold necklaces and bracelets. I love the pretty robin's egg shade.

If you want to experience Fishs Eddy but can't get to NY, check out their website for lots of fun things you can order online!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[ concrete jungle where dreams are made of ]

NEW YORK is an incredible city and it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and miss the surrounding beauty. I love just walking around and looking at the architecture when I travel and the mix of modern and ornate details in NY is spectacular.

And only in NY could a store that sells lumber be this glamorous!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[ getting there is half the fun ]

SO WE'RE back from our lovely NY getaway and what a great time we had! I'm so glad we decided to drive there instead of flying - it took about 9-10 hours total but I've always loved road trips and the anticipation of getting to our destination.

Our drive took us around Lake Ontario through Buffalo and along the I-90 to Syracuse and then south on the 81 and 80 towards NY. Should we stop in and say hello to Dwight and the gang at The Office at Dunder Mifflin?

Soon we could see the skyline in the distance and I think my heart actually started to beat a little faster!

Through the Lincoln Tunnel...

we emerged from the darkness and were in a whole new world!

ok GPS, time to guide us to our hotel...

After a lot of weaving around cabs, we made it!

Time to check in! 
What a pretty hotel with some fun touches...

And our room didn't disappoint! A bed like a cloud...

lovely ammenities ...

complete with fluffy robe...

extra supplies...

and anything else you could possibly need, including oxygen!

We were in good hands!  A great start to our trip and so much more to come!


[first pic: Real Simple; all others: lisaroy]


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