Friday, July 12, 2013

[ ahhh...muskoka ]

WELL my peeps, it's that time of year again ~ time for our annual jaunt to Canada to escape Dubai's heat, visit our folks and chill out...

Last year we rented a cottage in Maine, this year we decided to return to our ole stompin' grounds and rent one on Lake Muskoka. I can't wait to sit out on the dock, sip a cool drink, take a dip and breathe some fresh air. And of course making smores around the fire is a must!

I may actually completely unplug so if you don't see me around for a bit, I'm soaking it all in! See you soon!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[ from plastic to ceramic ]

EVER WONDER if you can make those typical plastic outdoor planters look a little less plastic?

You can! It's all about the right paint. I've done this before about 10 years ago and that planter held up through many blistering summers and freezing Canadian winters and still looked shiny and new.

I started with this...

Rust paint in a can {last time I used Rustoleum, this time Hammerite in a smooth, glossy finish}.

I simply brushed it on with a foam brush ~ 3 coats, letting it dry outside between coats. No primer or sanding between coats required {this paint is oil based and a bit smelly so make sure you either paint outside or open your windows). It may seem thin on the first coat but don't worry, it will cover beautifully. 3 coats later, it looks just like one of those pretty, shiny ceramic planters.

A perfect solution if you're looking for an inexpensive, lightweight planter that will withstand the elements but still look like a million bucks.

I'm not sure if spray paint would do as good a job ~ all I know is this brush-on rust paint rocks! Happy painting!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

[ happy weekend! ]

I CAN'T think of a better thing to do on a weekend afternoon! Have a good one!

[via marykatemcdevitt]

Thursday, July 4, 2013

[ kate spade love ]

IT'S NO secret that I love Kate Spade ~ so many quirky, fresh finds that mix fashion with fun. We're lucky to have 2 shops here in Dubai but they offer some great deals on their website as well. I love some of these from the current collection that's all about the theme of the cinema...

It's a definite treat to splurge on something when it's not on sale, so when they are having a sale, I'm there! I love these sale pieces also currently available on their website...

I popped into one of their shops yesterday and what did I get?

A cute new case for my iPhone 4s! It seems that many places are only stocking iPhone 5 cases now so I figured I should hurry up and grab one while I still can! Love the grippy silicone type ~ gives some added protection too.

Do you love Kate Spade as much as I do?



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