Thursday, July 15, 2010

[ craft booth prep - part 1 ]

THE MUSKOKA Arts & Crafts Summer Show is this Friday to Sunday and I'll be one of the 200 artisans exhibiting at the show. Things have been a little hectic around here with sewing bags and designing my booth and since this is the first time I've participated in an outdoor show, I've had to plan everything from scratch.

One of the projects I've been working on is a sign for my booth. I knew that I didn't want a simple vinyl banner and when I came across this old oval wooden frame at the Christie Antique Fair, I knew it would work perfectly for my sign.

A piece of MDF was cut to fit inside the frame and both were given a couple of coats of charcoal grey paint.

I ordered a vinyl decal to adhere to my sign from slaps on Etsy which is designed to work either indoors or even on a vehicle.

After some careful measuring and positioning, I was ready to adhere it.

After peeling off the backing, I smoothed everything down with the squeegie and could then peel back the clear masking on top to reveal the decal.

The oval was ready to place into the frame and secure it from behind. I'm pleased with how it turned out and think it's a lovely alternative to a vinyl banner. I'll likely hang it with wire and ribbon inside my booth. Stay tuned for part 2 of craft booth prep!



Privet and Holly said...

This is SO
cool!!! I've
been wanting
to have a sign
made for my
parent's home
in the country
in Washington
State. Now I'm
inspired to make
them one!!!!
Yours is really
really pretty.
Good luck at the
fair! xx Suzanne
PS: Just bought
my first Lisa Roy!

DK said...

Looks gorgeous, great idea :)

La Dolfina said...

It's gorgeous! I love it!!!!
You're inspiring the heck out of me :)

Katy @ Pie Bird Blog said...

You are quite possibly the cutest ever! What a great idea!


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