Sunday, October 21, 2012

[ blue beauty ]

ISN'T THIS glossy blue front door so pretty?

I've always been a fan of glossy black doors ~ they look elegant and work on most styles of homes. But after seeing this lovely blue one, I think I have a new favourite. It seems a little less formal but just as striking. And now that Pantone has named Monaco Blue as the 2013 colour of the year, I guess it's right on trend.

What colour is your front door?



Formerly known as Frau said...

We painted all our outside doors Blue last October It's not a high gloss blue but I love them! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!

Tammy Chrzan said...

You know when I first looked at this door I thought it was a dark navy blue color... but I see that it's black now, and you know either way it would be gorgeous, but I am very fond of glass paint!!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Looks really nice all glossy - and paired with that cheerful wallpaper. Kind of like the rain and sunshine working together.

Meeling said...

Funny, we've been contemplating painting ours! It's boring!!

I'd love to do something bold like that. Our paint color on the house is a very light greyish blue...suggestions?

How2home said...

Love the glossy blue door and the yellow wallpaper is fabulous! Hope you had a nice weekend! Happy Monday :)

Pinecone said...

Ooooohhhh I love the mix of the cool blue door and the wallpaper! Great image : ) xo

emily said...

Such a fabulous entry! We just painted our door high gloss black!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

My front door is blah white because I am renting. But if it was my home, it would be a juicy glossy RED!


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