Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[ getting crafty ]

I'VE actually been thinking ahead this year and figured I should get started on some Christmas cards. I usually buy store-bought cards but thought it would be fun to just make some this year and November is ticking right along.

After wiping the dust off my Silhouette, and a simple design, I'm all done!

I was going to make them all reversed out of white, but then decided to make use of the word I was peeling out instead of throwing it away - no point having all those 'jingles' go to waste.

What do you do for Christmas cards? Do you buy them or make them?



Johanna said...

Carefull use of resourses, no waste - good idea! I think I still love the most the version in left. I wish I would have a machine like that too. That would make my card crafting a whole lot easier.

Formerly known as Frau said...

The last 4 years I've done mine on Hallmark.com a picture one...they address them and stamp and mail...all I did was load my contacts once, update as needed and pick a new design and picture each year. I always find a 30% off coupon code and it's done. I did it when we lived in Germany so I wouldn't have to pay foreign price and used my sisters return address. Love your cards! Have a great day!

Leanne said...

Hello Lisa....I've done both over the years, but the one thing I've done every year is to take a nice photo of the girls and include it in the card. There are still a few friends and family that don't read my blog or do facebook, so I'll keep doing it!

Meeling said...

Those are great!

We usually do a family photo card. A lot of family lives far away so they enjoy seeing how much everyone has grown. (hopefully just the kids!)

I do find less & less people are sending out cards though which is kind of sad - I always enjoy getting them.

Pinecone Camp said...

I love these! You're so flipping creative! I try to make my own cards, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I'm aiming to do them this year...I better get on it. Thanks for the reminder ;)

a breath of fresh air said...

usually buy them ....but this year inspired by you, will have a go at making some :-)
Live in the highlands of Scotland and we took some great photo's this year a great one of a stag that I think will make a great card. Really love your jingle idea.

flowers on my table said...

Oh no Lisa, you can't let your jingles go to waste! What a cool idea, and a fab machine! I would like to make my own cards this year too, but it depends what time I have. You are right to start early, as time just speeds up from now on.
I am making decorations for the tree and they are keeping me busy. Much love to you, Linda x

Marianne said...

You are so creative once again! What a great idea. Every year I do a photo card with the dogs, but this is not an easy task getting two of them to sit still at the same time!


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