Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[ distractions ]

OK, I know I should be busy whipping our place into shape, but I'm distracted today by an email I received from Colette Patterns...

the launch of their new Hawthorn dress pattern! A lovely shirtdress pattern with a pretty, feminine neckline and swingy skirt ~ a shape truly flattering for everyone. It comes in a sleeveless version perfect for summer, a 3/4 sleeve version that can work all year round, and a cute blouse pattern...

I love shirt dresses but sometimes find them to be a bit boxy. This might actually be the perfect dress pattern! 

So, although I've got more than enough to keep me busy right now, I couldn't help but stop everything and order this pattern {and it's 15% off until June 21}. If you want to make one yourself, buy it here {available as a mailed printed pattern or downloadable pdf}. I'm looking forward to shopping for fabric when we get to Canada next month!

What's been distracting you lately?



Leanne said...

So pretty...if I were a dress kind of girl. Let me know when you're planning to be near, kuzmaski@yahoo.ca xoxo

Meeling said...

I love shirt dresses!! They are uber comfy and can be dressed up or down. This one looks particularly flattering with the skirt style.

Distracting me...painting my kitchen!! And while I love the new color - it just feels like the project that won't end, keeps going and going and going and....

Privet and Holly said...

I prefer dresses in the
heat of summer ~ so
easy ~ and this is just
too cute, for any age.

I so wish I had time to
sew this summer, but
it is the busiest I've had,
hands down....

What's distracting me?
The temps are perfection
with sunshine and no
humidity {rare here in
this season} and I want
to be outdoors!

Have fun sewing and do
share your creation : )

Happy Wednesday!

xo Suzanne

Pinecone Camp said...

That's so sweet. I wish I could sew more than a cushion ;) Happy sewing!


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