Tuesday, June 11, 2013

[ sweet escape ]

THERE'S nothing like a cold treat in the summer to cool you down from the heat. While I was unpacking, I thought I heard some kind of jingle playing outside. I popped my head out my front door and saw this parked right in front of my place...

an ice cream truck! I had no idea they even existed here in Dubai! How could I not run outside and join a few of my neighbours taking a break from their sticky activities?...

I'll try a nogger sandwich Mr. Ice Cream Man!

Hmm... interesting... like an ice cream sandwich, except a vanilla cookie instead and filled with both chocolate and caramel ice cream. Not a bad little treat. :) Ok, back to work!



Meeling said...

I love the ice cream truck!! It always takes me back to being a kid. For me it was usually a creamsicle...and still is! :-)

Happy Homemaker UK said...

What a perfect enterprise in Dubai! We've already had our quick English summer - now we are back in sweaters with the heaters on :)xo


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