Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[ motivation ]

AND THAT'S exactly how I've been feeling about this slipcover project... so close and yet so far. 

I won't lie and tell you that it's been an easy project ~ that couldn't be further from the truth! Those lovely roll arms make for some tricky fitting and have made this project drag on longer than I anticipated. And instead of just tackling it head-on, I've found myself dragging my feet and procrastinating. 

And so to force myself to finish up the darn thing, I'm giving myself a deadline of tomorrow for the big reveal!

Now on to the hemming part and it will be complete!


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Leanne said...

When we were just freshly married we bought the ugliest love seat on the planet for 5$ at a yard sale. I found a pretty fabric at a great price and then spent the next week cutting and sewing. That silly love seat lasted another 14 years. When you put that much work into something you tend to appreciate it! Looking forward to the reveal! xo We are awaiting another "big storm"...we are now up to 14ft of snowfall so far, not joking. xoxo


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