Monday, March 3, 2014

[ sticker families ]

I'M SURE all of you are familiar with sticker families ~ those little stick people on the back windows of vehicles depicting everyone in the family including pets...

Well, did you know that there are also sticker families for people here in Dubai?

It really is a small world. Do you have a sticker family on your vehicle?



LifeBegins@Thirty said...

Wow...I guess I kind of thought it was the kind of stupid thing that only North Americans would do...

I think they are dumb...the ones I typically see are dad with the bbq tools, mom with the shopping bags, dancer daughter, soccer playing son and a dog. And a cat.

Yesterday I saw one with a sticker angel baby.

The only time I laughed was when a car drove by and they were zombie stickers. haha

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

This is cracking me up! I am so not into these sort of things on the car! No one needs to know that much information... but then again I have a window decal for my design business! How hilarious... is that a chicken?

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

That is hilarious!
My pet peeve is people that actually label their sticker families with thier family members names. Great, let all the pedos out there know your kids names!
I have seen a Star Wars family and the nerd in me kind of liked that one. :)

a breath of fresh air said...

You live and learn never heard of them or seen any either !!!Oh what a sheltered life I leave.


All things nice... said...

I have never come across these, I really don't like any stickers on cars and those Baby on Board signs kind of annoy me, are we meant to say oooohhh careful now driving beside those cars, because there is a baby on board!!! You pay thousands for a car and why would you go putting stickers on it! I understand the window ones you can remove but I don't personally like them!

All things nice...

Formerly known as Frau said...

That is kinda funny.....I'm not really a fan of the sticker families but that is just me! I always thought it was a Utah thing because they have such big families but they are universal I guess! Have a wonderful Monday!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

I've gotten used to not seeing bumper stickers in the UK - seems like TMI. But I love the Dubai family - such a great spin. Thank you for sharing!

Privet and Holly said...

This really made
me smile. No, I'm
not a sticker on the
car kinda gal, but I
don't hold it against
anyone who is : ) !!

Thanks for sharing
this interesting picture!

xo Suzanne

Barbara Matson said...

That is funny!

Meeling said...

That's funny! They are all over here in So Cal, almost to the point that it's too much. There are normal ones, white trash ones, animal ones and just plain offensive ones - people are always trying to one up everyone else. (typical attitude out here)

The only sticker I have sported was a high school soccer team one when my son played for his school, but alas it has come off in a car wash.


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