Monday, March 15, 2010

[ birthday girl ]

I HOPE YOU all had a fabulous weekend! I know I did! My birthday is today and the thing about having a birthday on a Monday, the celebrations seem to start early in the weekend (at least they did here!). My husband planned a day of fun for me on Saturday, starting with my Tim Hortons coffee and then a mini road trip to Howth, a cute little village on the Howth Head peninsula just north-east of Dublin. I had been wanting to visit there for a while and Saturday was a great day.

Howth holds a long history of battles from as far back as 819 by the Norse and later in 1169 by St. Lawrence (Earl of Howth), an Anglo-Norman who built his first castle near the harbour in the 1100's and later, Howth Castle.

A beautiful place for birdwatching and sailing, Howth is still a popular spot for anglers and fresh fish markets line the pier.

The wind was brisk but we enjoyed a walk on the pier and around the village and ended the day with a special birthday dinner at Cruzzo, a lovely restaurant located at the marina in Malahide, a charming village just north of Howth.



Melody Ryder said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the rest of your day.

ikeandella said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday! Gotta love March! :)

StunningAnnaK said...

Happy Birthday!

What a lovely husband you have to take you on such a neat mini journey!

I found you in the Etsy forums and am now following you blog!

EtsyFoodSnob said...

Wonderful man you've got!

Dezign Daze said...

Happy Birthday!!! What a great way to spend your special day with special someone.

Winklepots said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday. :o) Happy Birthday! Beautiful photos.

lisaroy said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely birthday wishes everyone! : )

cabin + cub said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a really fun weekend! ;)

Willow said...

Happy belated Lisa! Glad you had such a great weekend.
I have to know, do the Timmy's have 'Roll Up The Rim' in Ireland?


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