Thursday, March 18, 2010

[ diy vases ]

I LOVE SIMPLE projects that really make an impact and when I saw this pretty grouping of vases in the April issue of Canadian House & Home, I knew I would be trying this. These beauties are all made from standard jars and bottles from the grocery store, many of which end up in our recycling bins each week. Why not transform them into an eye-catching collection?

1 Clean and dry bottles
Search through your cupboards or grocery store for glass containers from juice, olive oil, jam and sauces. Give them a cleaning and soak in warm water to remove the labels and leave to dry upside down overnight.

2 Coat inside with paint
Sample sizes of paint are great and one will coat the inside of a larger container. Hold the bottle on a 30 degree angle, pour a dollop of paint into the bottom and turn it slowly until the paint coats the entire interior. Clean the rim with a damp cloth and dry upside down using a folded piece of paper to raise the rim on one side so excess paint can drain out (important, since if paint is too thick at the base, it will crack).

3 Show them off!
Display your collection on a window sill so that when sunlight streams in, it gives them a pretty gleam. If using the bottles with fresh flowers, slip each flower stem into a florist's water tube or if using a wide-mouth jar, insert a small votive holder or small juice glass inside to hold the water.



cabin + cub said...

they look so pretty! great project!

cupcakebomb said...

They look great! Thanks for sharing :)

Karen said...

Those are beautiful! Very cool DIY! I enjoyed reading your blog! Love your handbags as well! said...

Great DIY, found you from etsy!


The Lavender Daisy said...

This looks like a fun project!


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