Thursday, April 22, 2010

[ feeling girly ]

I WOULD LOVE to have this settee or chair somewhere in my home - the curvy lines and distressed robin's egg finish are so pretty. Just a girly corner somewhere is all I need. Well, the puppies are pretty cute too.


[better homes and gardens]


Michelle Elisabeth said...

oh robin's egg blue.. such a lovely colour! (although I had never thought of it as a furniture shade- and it works quite well!)

Erimentha said...

thank you for entering in the blog award 'little known lovelies'!

your blog is so pretty and i wish you good luck!

Privet and Holly said...

Oh, MY, so would I! I have always wanted a settee, and the chair....well, what can I SAY?? It's gorgeous, too. I think the most challenging thing about pieces like this is making them work with a HUSBAND in the house. I often think that if I was only decorating for myself, my house would definitely have a different vibe....a LOT like these pictures. Not that he stands in the way of my decorating desires. {He's had to put up with some INTERESTING choices that I've made in the past!} I think it takes a while for {most} of us to find "our" style and also that can evolve over time. Wouldn't trade my hubby, though, even for a settee! xx P&H

Diya said...

what a gorgeous shade of blue on that chair!

Aleutie said...

And what I like the most is all that light. Uhh... (sigh from a dark flat)

cabin + cub said...

i love the robin's egg blue.. such a lovely spring colour! ;)

*Chic Provence* said...

Aw those pups are adorable! so are the settee & chair..lovely blog, I'm now following!




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