Saturday, April 17, 2010

[ happy weekend! ]

LILACS HAVE always been one of my favourite flowers and I've always wanted a lilac tree in my yard. I remember as a child, walking home from school past a vacant lot that had the most amazing lilac trees and I would bring huge bouquets home to my mom. I can't wait to see the lilacs blooming!

[midwest living]


Sherry said...

Oh, I love lilacs too. Ours are just getting ready to bloom. My mom always had a lilace tree too.

Dyche Designs said...

So pretty and fragrant. :0)

The Art of Gwen - Gwen Duda's Fine Art Studio said...

Oh YES lilacs! If I ever have a home again I will plant several of them. I actually have a dwarf lilac on my balcony and it's scent is absolutely heavenly perfection. Love the photos you posted : )

Diana said...

I know what you mean! I thought I smelled lilac the other day, but couldn't find a tree nearby. What a beautiful scent though!

Lazy Apples said...

What lovely pictures of such lovely flowers! I have several bushes that are just starting to bud and I just can't wait to smell those fragrant spring breezes.

I adore these photo's so much that I added one to my post today and linked it to your lovely blog.

Thanks for sharing!


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