Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[ med cruise day 1- Toulon ]

THE BEST thing about a Mediterranean cruise is all the little stops along the way. And while you can book excursions at each port, some of the best days are those where you just roam around on your own and discover.

No. 1 ~ Toulon, France

A town on the French coast and home to a major naval base, old Toulon is part of the Provence region and known for its fountains, narrow streets and famed Proven├žal market.  {we were there on a public holiday so the streets were quiet apart from the market}

The market was bustling and I just loved all of the fresh produce, lavendar, local fabrics and woven market bags. And cute trolleys were everywhere.

Once our senses were tingling with all the delicious smells of the market, we decided to explore the tiny streets around the old town to take in the charming architecture.

Toulon was such a lovely town and I felt like I got a little taste of daily French life of those lucky enough to live in Provence.

next stop ~ Nice, France



DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Toulon looks so laid back and serene. It's lovely.I would be in heaven with the Lavender, and the herbs de Provence! Great photos, Lisa!

La Dolfina said...

Great photos Lisa, I felt like I was right there with you!
Did you get one of those market baskets? I just won one from The French Basketeer and I love it :)

Meeling said...

Lovely! I've been to Europe, but not France...looks so quaint. What a lovely day to be there...seems like a regular day which to me are the best days to take in a place and really get a feel for it.

Looking forward to more!

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

Absolutely breathtaking! The market looks like a slice of paradise to me. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us! So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you adventures! I am so happy you got to experience it! xo

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Wonderful. I love to take in a place like this, just stroll along and absorb it with all my senses. You did a great job of showing what it was like!

The enchanted home said...

Toulon looks increidbly charming....oooh so jealous! Wish I was there, love open air markets and marveling at all the gorgeous architecture, looks like a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing this magnificent highlights!!

Jo @ In Corners of My Mind said...

Absolutely Stunning! Officially on my list of places to visit. So glad you had a good time and so glad you are sharing.

Sarah said...

Looks absolutely fab! I love France - have a great time! ;-)

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Looks like a perfect start to your trip. Love those baskets!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

Your pictures make me wish that we'd taken the time to plan a summer vacation this year. We have been terrible planners this year. Maybe next year, until then I'll just enjoy your vacation update.


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