Friday, February 24, 2012

[ brekkie ]

SO WHAT'S for brekkie today? How about some Special K and bran flakes topped with strawberries and blueberries?

perhaps followed by one of these sweet tangerines {don't you just love the cute little leaves still attached?}

How are you starting off your day? Happy weekend!



Leanne said...

I've been doing my oatmeal every morning like a good girl...some times I add a spoonful of yogurt or some granola to make it more exciting! I've eaten so many blueberries lately...Have a beautiful weekend! They've shut down Main St today...brought in truck loads of snow...big ski race in the middle of town!! I'll post photos for sure :)

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'm visiting family so it's a bloody mary for breakfast!! Just kidding! I'm a Greek yogurt and berries kind of girl!Have a great weekend!

Meeling said...

Cup of coffee and peanut butter and honey toast! PB here is a morning staple...always has been since I was a kid. Have a great weekend!!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I just happen to be eating right now as I type. It's an egg white omelet with onion, peppers and tomatoes. Have a great weekend Lisa:)

Marcus Design said...

Oooh that looks yummy, now I am craving fruit :)

Lisa thank you so much for your kind comment and your fabulous words of advice, it honestly means the world to me. I agree with you, I need to make sure to be open to things that aren't my dream job, they may lead to unexpected places. Sorry I have been so absent over here, I have been struggling to even post on my blog as I work through all of my schoolwork and I've been a terrible blog friend because of it! Big hugs to you and a happy weekend :)

Nancy xo

Loddelina said...

Yummy pictures
(yey for Earlybird!)

Have a great start of the new week, Lisa!

Meagan, in house nester said...

Are you on Instagram? If so - add me so I can add you back!


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