Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[ hello! ]

HEY EVERYONE! Did you all have a lovely weekend? Easter isn't celebrated in Dubai so our weekend wasn't a long one {although I made it one for myself!}.
I did put my guy through his traditional Easter hunt with clues to find the big chocolate egg ~ it's something I've been doing since we were dating in high school and although he grumbles about how much he hates it, I know that deep down inside, he loves every minute of it! It's a tradition! ;)

One thing I did do was check out the new store called Lindex that has opened here in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. My friend Kathy at West Family Adventures gave me the heads-up about this new store that also offers online shopping to anyone living in Europe.

They have a fun Modern Preppy line modelled by the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow and I was anxious to see all the pieces.

I was hoping to find the chic navy blazer but it was sold out. I did try on the coloured chinos but unfortunately can't rock them like Gwyneth! 

So what did I buy? This lightweight cotton drawstring-waist dress which will be perfect here in the blistering heat, and this cute nautical striped top. I would describe Lindex like an H&M but on a smaller scale. They have a lot of fun pieces and their prices are in a similar range. I'll definitely be paying them another visit!

Thanks for all of your sweet comments on our living room! It sounds like you love our ottoman as much as I do ~ I think it's definitely the piece that makes the room and makes the space feel less temporary. I did some sewing on our slipcovers and will share my progress tomorrow. Here's to a great short week!



Tonia B. said...

I keep seeing the bright colored pants/jeans. I'm on the fence about getting a pair. Looks like they have some comfortable and easy pieces.

Marianne {Style For Living} said...

Great purchases! Bright colored pants don't look good on me either, but I do like them on everyone else. Oh, to look as good as GP!!!

a happy little life said...

great tradition with your husband!! he loves it i'm sure!!!

we just noticed the ads for lindex on bus stops during our evening walk.
my husband said hey isn't she someone... he does that all the time. me looking away and rolling my eyes.
then i explained who she is... then i had to name off some movies. he's really been here too long because he still couldn't make a connection this is a typical thing with him. but i shouldn't have started with the 'royal tenenbaums'... then there was questions about what is 'modern preppy'and what his style is. i said.. modern preppy dear and changed the subject.

i decided that if i would try a pair of color pants it would have to be capris and not straight legged.

cannot wait to see the slip covers!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Love the new clothes. I'm going to keep my ears open for where I might find this store. Happy Easter from Canada:)


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