Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[ roadtrip to rosseau ]

NOT FAMILIAR with my backyard of Muskoka? Located just 2 hours north of Toronto and encompassing an area about the size of Rhode Island, Muskoka is a region clustered around three big lakes: Muskoka, Joseph and Rosseau, where summer cottages nestle in seclusion. It's been known as cottage country since the 1800's to many elite business barons and has gradually become the Malibu of the North, attracting NHL hockey players and celebrities like Martin Short, Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell,Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Kenny G to name a few. Cabins on the lake have slowly been replaced by palatial homes; sailboats and canoes with luxury motorboats.

Today we decided to take a roadtrip to Rosseau, a tiny humble village that sits at the top of Lake Rosseau where cottagers and celebrities pick up the necessities they need for their stay. We drove through the winding roads, passing all the little sideroads with their handmade directional signs.

Soon we were in Rosseau. The General Store sits in the heart of the village and contains everything from a butcher, to video store, postal outlet to ice cream parlor. And across the road is Hilltop Interiors, carrying everything you need to create a comfy cottage.

A stop at Oak Street Antiques is a must. If any of you have loved Sarah Richardson's show Sarah's Cottage, you'll recognize it as the place where she picked up so many treasures for her cottage. Darn! Closed Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday this week! I guess I'll need to plan another trip here.

Strolling around the village, we passed so many charming clapboard homes, churches and little shops and businesses.

Time to head home but first, no visit to Rosseau would be complete without a stop at the bakery and variety store for some buttertarts. Many claim to be Muskoka's best but these ones really are and it was great to meet the lovely lady behind these yummy treats as she came out to greet us and package them up for us. What a fun roadtrip to one of my favourite little villages!



sarah, flourish design + style said...

How lovely a day that must have been! Those buttertarts..yum. You don't want to know how many of those I ate with my first pregnancy ;) xoxo

French Revelation said...

What a gorgeous part of the world - thanks for sharing.

2 Hounds Design said...

OMG those tarts look so freaking good.

Muskoka is beautiful. You're very lucky to live there!

ArdentReverie said...

Oh my goodness those butter torts are making me hungry!

Dionne said...

Those butter tarts look DIVINE!!! And i love that darling little signpost. What a gorgeous town!

DK said...

I used to spend my summers in NW Ontario on the lakes and my God do I ever miss it. Thanks for posting this, it was a little breath of "home".

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous! I am dying to go to Canada, I've been all over the U.S. but never there. That looks like a place I should definitely add to my list!

Giovanna ♥ said...

Oh this is a lovely post!
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Burlap Luxe said...

Oooooh! my!! Lisa,
You should not have found me, this way I would have not found you! I am for sure that you are living my dream!

Your cottage life in Muskoka looks wonderful and am I understanding you,that your studio over looks that beautiful view of the lake?
Really it is not fair!!

I will add you to my blog roll so I can visit often.
I too am going to set up etsy on my blog this weekend, after years of whole selling my art and pieces on ebay I have given etsy big thought, I hope it right for me.

ABOUT THE DIRECTIONAL ROAD SIGNS! If I lived there I would want to paint one and replace there old one :)

Really so happy you found me! I am going back now to take it all in.

You are inspiring me!!!


Amy @ Varnish said...

Looks absolutely idyllic!

M.M.E. said...

Such a cool place! Thank you so much for sharing. I just love those old road signs.

The Zhush said...

Great to see a peak into your neck of the woods!


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