Thursday, June 10, 2010

[ my latest Etsy find ]

I'M SO EXCITED to share my latest purchase from Etsy - a beautiful illustration by Portland, Oregon artist Michele Maule. I don't recall which blog it was where I stumbled upon her work (she's been featured on many) but as soon as I visited her Etsy shop, I was smitten with her charming illustrations and paintings and knew I just had to own one. I chose 'Friend' and it arrived in the cutest little package. I think it will look great in my studio where I can enjoy it daily as I sew. Here are a few other examples from her shop.



Dyche Designs said...

It's always fun when you stumble on work of others that speaks to you and you just have to have it. I have some great artwork that I purchased from some fellow etsians and I enjoy them on a daily basis.

Privet and Holly said...

So bright and cheerful.
You can't help but smile at Michele's
images and can see where you were drawn to them. Me, too : )
I'm looking forward to having
more time to browse Etsy {including YOUR shop} now that summer is here and school's OUT! Happy Day, Lisa!
xx Suzanne

Dionne said...

Oh how lovely! I went to her store to go add it to my faves, and see that I already have, but just forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, what a gorgeous find!

annechovie said...

Michelle's work is very cool - thanks for the intro, Lisa. xx

VeganCraftastic said...

Very cool shop, I love the bike illustration!

Diana said...

How adorable! Staring at the wall!


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